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About Appetence

We are a Solution Provider in STM Publishing, focusing on Open Access publishing activities and the transition to Open Access. Our solutions include System Integration, Software Development and implementation of our own free, open source Tools. Our customers are publishers, institutions, consortia and funders.

  • Project supervision and implementation carried out from the Netherlands.
  • Main development center in Lviv, Ukraine.
  • Flexible resources from all around the world.
  • Cost-efficient, agile and lean.
  • We speak your language, we understand your challenges.
  • We work for many clients in Publishing (publishers, institutions, consortia and funders).

Service Level Agreement

We offer Basic, Standard or Premium Service Levels through an Agreement (SLA). 24/7 support possible.

Security-first architecture

We trust the AWS Cloud, but implement Security-first principles for your VPC’s and Applications.

Effective product development

Best-practices in terms of tooling, agile working methods and DevOps procedures. We have it under control.

Total value of ownership

We use total value of ownership as a methodology of measuring and analyzing the business value of our solution.

System Integration

We have connectivity available with lots of relevant systems, but integrate with any system you require.

Global presence

Our staff is based primarily in Europe, but we work remote for clients all over the world.

Private Datastore

OA Switchboard connectivity

We help publishers integrate with OA Switchboard.


Custom Connector

Connect your editorial system, production, content distribution or commerce systems to the OA Switchboard.


Private Datastore

As a Next level solution, add a Private Datastore to capture metadata, generate events and apply business rules.


Publication Tracker

Upgrade to Publication Tracker, our open source Tool providing reporting capabilities across all your systems and workflows.

Publication Tracker

Publication Tracker

From submitted manuscript to published article

The transition to Open Access is adding even more complexity of multi-currency transactions as well introducing new actors like institutions and funders, who might also play a role in the financial settlement. A transaction is not a sequential workflow step. It runs on a more or less parallel track.

We have developed an easy to use open source Tool called the Publication Tracker. It provides a flexible (meta)data store that captures “events” from different systems like your editorial system, production and content distribution systems, as well as any financial or payment systems.

Each event comes with metadata that will update the master record in the store. The Publication Tracker thus becomes an ultimate tool providing reporting capabilities across all your systems and workflows.

Event based metadata store

Event based metadata store

Connect your publishing workflows


Interoperability of systems

Starting point is an event-based architecture, where inbound connectors trigger events, or events trigger outbound connectors.


High quality metadata

Metadata is captured for every event, and stored in a central place to accommodate reporting across all your systems.


Simple workflows

We connect all your publishing workflows or extend with simple workflows triggered by specific events.


Publication Dashboards

For publishers, institutions and consortia

Amazon QuickSight is a cloud-native, serverless, business intelligence tool that we prefer for analyzing your metadata. We connect all your datasets and develop a Publication Dashboard according to your requirements.

The usage of Quicksight BI combines very well obviously with our other Tools such as the Private Datastore or Event Based Metadata Store. Once your metadata is stored, we can deploy the Publication Dashboard on top.

We develop Publication Dashboards for publishers, institutions and consortia based on metadata coming from different sources including OA Switchboard. Crossref, CRIS systems, Excel and any custom reporting you might have.

ROR matching service

Affiliation (ROR) matching service

With Machine Learning


Problem statement

Very few publishers have full support for institutional Persistent IDentifiers (PIDs) throughout the publishing workflow.


Smart Matching & HIT

Step 1 is Smart Matching, integration with ROR affiliation search API. Step 2: add Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs) to further enrich.


Machine Learning comes into play

We feed the ROR and HIT data into a Machine Learning (ML) model. The combined service improves matching accuracy to 80-90%.

Case Studies

Check out some of our awesome projects for our publishing clients.

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We are a flexible team with relevant experience in publishing.

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